New Delhi: Concerned over the ever increasing mobile towers coming up in cities and towns, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has prepared a draft highlighting ways to regulate the construction of these towers. The draft was handed over to the Central government on Wednesday.

TRAI said that there is no set standard for mobile tower designing which distorts the beauty of a city, especially historical towns.  It favoured the imposition of a few restrictions on companies building mobile towers and setting up of a number of guidelines for the construction.  Government is likely to mandate construction of only uniform and small mobile towers.

TRAI recommends tower sharing facilities for companies in important cities. It also suggested that those companies which are involved in providing better communication facilities should get the status of infrastructure sector so that they get the benefit of easy loans. Such companies should be included under telecom license policy.

Central government is expected to put a pressure over the state governments to help telecom companies set proper telecom infrastructure.