New Delhi: The Central Bureau of Investigation on Saturday told a Delhi court that there were contradictions in various TRAI stands, including the one as per which it says it did not consider the telecom services and spectrum as a source of revenue.

CBI said this in the court of Special Judge OP Saini while submitting the TRAI report to the court in response to the demand by former Telecom Minister A Raja and other accused in the case to bring it on the court's record.

The Agency said it is still awaiting clarification from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India on various issues related to 2G spectrum allocation.

The Investigating Agency said the August 20 letter, written by the regulator to it, was not in consonance with the recommendations of the expert committee which was constituted to determine annual value of the spectrum.

The TRAI letter said "the Committee, in the concluding paragraph of the report, has stated that it is not possible to predict with certainty the precise values of spectrum that would have emerged in an auction."

"TRAI repeatedly held the view that telecom services and spectrum should not be treated as a source of revenue for the government," said the TRAI's letter.

The letter further said the regulatory body had never recommended auctioning of the spectrum or revision of the entry fee for new players.

"It is against this background that TRAI did not recommend, including in August 2007, auction methodology nor did recommend any increase in the entry fee for new players by way of indexation or otherwise," it said.

The letter added TRAI, similarly, did not recommend any price for spectrum beyond 6.2 MHz except in August 2007, where too additional charges were recommended only for spectrum beyond 10 MHz.

TRAI also communicated to CBI that Unified Access Service licencing regime was introduced in November 2003 and its recommendations always kept in view the need for growth of the telecom sector including in semi-urban and rural areas, the need for maintaining the level-playing field against the backdrop of entry of new players from time to time and the need to ensure that prices of telecom services were affordable by the customers".