New Delhi: In a bid to combat the menace of pesky calls and SMSes, sectoral regulator  Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has decided that telecom facilities provided to a subscriber would be immediately disconnected if it is found being used for making pesky calls and sending unsolicited SMSes.

Name and address of such subscribers shall be blacklisted and no resource would be allotted to these subscribers for a period of two years in such cases, TRAI Member RK Arnold told said.

Amending the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations 2013, TRAI on Friday said in case of a valid complaint, the telecom operator shall disconnect all telecom resources allotted to such subscriber, after due investigation. This provision comes into force with immediate effect.

"The moment a complaint is received by a service provider from a customer... it will immediately investigate into that complaint and if it finds the communication unsolicited, the regulation provides for immediate disconnection of that resource," Arnold said.

TRAI said it has introduced measures to further strengthen the framework for controlling unregistered telemarketers.

"...there are many private persons who are sending commercial messages to with this particular amendment...resources of such subscribers will be disconnected," Arnold said.

Meanwhile, TRAI has amended the Telecom Commercial Customer Preference Regulations, 2010, which prescribes a transactional charge of 5 paisa per transactional SMS and it will come into effect from June 1.

As of now, only promotional messages are charged.

"The 5 paisa charge is already there for promotional messages. Now, it will be applicable for transactional messages also, which also falls under the category of commercial communications," Arnold said.

Apart from that, the authority said it has introduced Short Message Services (SMS) Termination Charges Regulations, 2013, which prescribes a termination charge of 2 paisa per SMS. The regulations would come into effect from June 1.

SMS termination charges are payable by originating telecom operator to the terminating operator for each SMS terminated by it on its network.


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