New Delhi: The two fatal rail accidents have not only exposed poor safety in the world's second largest train network but have also pointed towards the fact of fiscal loss it has to bear following such mishaps.

Indian Railways bears a yearly loss of Rs 100 crore due to accidents which have accounted to a whopping Rs 1000 crore in the last ten years.

According to the record of major accidents preserved with Ministry of Railways, an average loss of Rs 45 crore takes place due to the damages caused to the bogies, 15 crore by track damaging and 20 crore by interruption of trains.

The average loss varies every year with the number and intensity of the train accidents. For example, in year 2007-08 the loss to rolling stock and permanent way (railway track) was Rs 29.70 crore and Rs 10.85 crore respectively, while in 2008-09, it was Rs 50.12 crore and 10.52 crore respectively. The loss to rail traffic was Rs 43.80 crore in 2007-08 where it was Rs 14.20 in year 2008-09.

Taking into consideration the data of monetary losses, Railway officials say that only those mishaps claiming human life are kept for the record while hundreds of accidents which occur every year without any loss of life cause immense monetary loss. The real picture of loss remains elusive because the amount given to the victims of accident, which counts in crores, is not included as loss to the Railways, the officials said.

In the current fiscal, for the victims of two fatal train accidents of Malwan and Greater Noida crossing mishap, Railways has announced Rs 5 lakh compensation to the each family of dead and Rs 50,000 and 10,000 to major and minor injured respectively. However, 101 people died in both the accidents. The total compensation amount accounts for about Rs. 15 crore.

Every year Depreciation Reserve Fund (DRF) is provided to Railways through rail budget for changing or mending damaged rolling stock and tracks. In 2009-10, Rs. 7800 crore DRF was estimated but was later reduced to Rs 2178 croe at the end of year.

Similarly, the DRF was reduced in the same manner in year 2009-10 from Rs.7600 crore to Rs 5700 crore, whereas in the current fiscal, Rs. 7000 has been proposed.