New Delhi: Pulling up its socks to fend off low visibility in the face of fog in the winter, the railways is first time going to use Fog Save Device in the national capital, in an attempt to keep trains going on schedule and avert mishap on track.

According to sources, as many as 400 fog devices would be installed in Delhi Division by the end of November, which is said to smoothen the train services. The device works on the Global Positioning System (GPS), which is under trial on various routs falling under Delhi Division.

Crackers are used to make driver alert in the areas which are enveloped with fog. The drivers get attentive hearing the sound of crackers and slow down the train. The Delhi division is reported to have bought nearly 1, 50, 000 crackers for further execution of this project.

In order to inform the passengers about the arrivals and departures of trains, the Railways Inquiry has been linked with the on-line computerized system. This system will be linked with a GPS system. The inquiry service has been with LCD monitors and announcing systems available at all platforms of the station.

According to the Railway Manager (Delhi Division) Sudhir Garg, “The drivers will be trained to negotiate the foggy problems in order to avoid disruption of train services.”