New Delhi: The abandon funny space in your home could be transformed into something extraordinary. Read on to know how. Often certain corners of our home lie derelict and we wonder what to do with such odd space. Here, we just need to grill our brains a little and give that space a make-over.

While renovating his house last year, Rajib Das did just that and transformed his balcony that was being used more as a dumping zone to a studio-cum-music room. Now, his own cozy musical corner is the place where he spends maximum time of the day.

The room is admired by almost every visitor. "I designed the whole room myself with the help of a friend. As I've a musical mind, so the first thing that came to my mind when I thought of utilising this space is to turn it into a studio.  After the internal wiring I covered the balcony with a wooden roof." The room has surround-sound system with eight speakers installed on the top of the roof.

The whole room has a wooden interior with a timber and glass case that has the upper row devoted to books. In the lower shelves there are small glass cabinets that have a music system, Cds and a collection of classy old liquors. In the centre, you can find a Buddha statue in one corner and a computer on the other.

There are small yellow lights put in the cabinet that work as a lampshade in the night. There are multiple small lights on the roof as well with a small chandelier made of bamboo in the centre with a dimmer effect.

"The space gives positive vibes as I've kept it clutter free and the lights add to its charm. All my friends love to spend hours in my room listening to music, chatting or watching a movie." Rajib has also made a special black cabinet on the front side of the room for his LCD TV.

To allow ample amount of sunlight to enter the home the whole day, the front side of the balcony has been covered with huge shutter glass windows.

So, what are you thinking! Convert the odd space in your home into something amazing and feel a sense of delight.

(Courtesy: City Plus)