Madrid: The dream of many young women is no longer to sit in the front row and watch a fashion show, but to charge 500 euros (USD650) to do the same thing - something that only a few Spanish bloggers have achieved up to now by transforming their passion for fashion into a profession.

The world of fashion blogs began in 2007, but not until 2009 did brands begin to catch on that these blogs could be good for business.

According to the first sociological study prepared by the fashion Web site Truendy in collaboration with the Spanish Fashion Blogs Association, or AEBDM, based on an anonymous survey of 350 Spanish fashion bloggers, only four out of 10 see their blog as a professional instrument.

In figures, seven out of 10 bloggers are asked by brands to present their products free of charge, one in every four charges to place advertising, one in every 10 receives cash payments and one out of every 10 is compensated with clothing and accessories.

Though few manage to live professionally from their blogs, Maria Giraldo, organizer of the Fashion Blogs Conference, says that bloggers use the success they obtain to command "a fairly high fee".

"To attend a fashion show you're paid between 300 and 500 euros (between USD390 and USD650)", but the amount goes up to between 800 and 1,000 euros (USD1,000 and USD1,300) when you're talking about making an infomercial, Giraldo said.


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