"From every corner of the nation, there is so much love for BJP. They see it as a ray of hope," Modi told while interacting with party workers from six Lok Sabha Constituencies — Valsad, Navsari, Chhota Udepur, Dahod, Bharuch and Godhra — via video-conferencing.

"People have expectations and hopes from us. And Gujarat must do wonders here too I was in Bahraich yesterday on the Indo-Nepal border. It is a backward region. But, the enthusiasm I saw there I have never seen here too," the BJP leader said.

"We had never imagined that from every corner of the nation there would be so much love for BJP... They see it as a ray of hope. We must translate it into victory," Modi told party workers.

Terming the upcoming general elections as one that would determine India's future, Modi praised party workers for their selfless diligence, which had helped the party come to power thrice in the state.

Targeting Congress, he said, "They are once again trying to defame Gujarat but they cannot mislead people by spreading lies about the state.”

"Only few months ago we went to the people and answered them on our work. People passed us with distinction," Modi said referring to party's victory in Assembly elections.

In an apparent reference to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's speech in Raipur today, Modi said, "Gujarat has rejected them (Congress) for years and look at the language they use... It is unheard of."

In his address to party workers in Raipur, PM on Saturday attacked BJP, alleging that use of "bad" language against political rivals did not bring any dignity to the opposition.


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