New Delhi: The dilly-dally approach of the Government Oil Companies has not only left the ambitious project of transparent cylinders and special regulators in the abeyance but has also given a free hand to the vendors to carry out gas theft unabated.

Till now, no concrete plan has been implemented in this regard and two schemes of providing transparent cylinders and special regulators to consumers are gathering dust. The government oil companies have been quick to make an alibi of acute shortage of funds to delay to the project.

In 2008, the Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry had announced rolling out of transparent cylinders. But the government oil companies are yet to select the foreign company which will assist in developing such cylinders.

According to a senior official in the Petroleum Ministry, “Discussions were held with oil companies but they have a lackadaisical approach to the issue.”

The Ministry had allowed the companies to charge full value of the gas and had also decided on Rs 3,000 deposit charge from consumers. Still, the oil companies seem to be uninterested in the scheme.

The fibre made transparent cylinders are light as compared to steel ones and safer as well. Similarly, the government is unable to fulfill its promise of providing special regulators to the consumers.

Two years back, the then Petroleum Minister Murli Deora had announced to bring out a special multi-functional regulator to check gas theft. The regulator can tell the amount of gas in the cylinder and indicates whenever the cylinder is empty.

Government oil companies had kick-started the pilot project on an experimental basis in selected areas but could not supply the same to the entire nation on the excuse of lack of funds.