Suggesting that rather than holding closed door meetings or heli-hopping across the state, the chief minister should take a tour by road, BJP spokesman Harish Chandra Srivastava said this would enable him to get the real picture of the 'false propaganda about development'.

"We urge Akhilesh Yadav to see for himself by meeting people, the poor condition of roads, power supply and law and order in the state," the BJP leader added.

Accusing the Chief Minister of turning a blind eye to the poor track record of his police force, Srivastava said the recent incidents of police excesses and communal flare-ups had proved that there was no rule of law in the state.

The recent threat by the Chief Minister to senior officials that if he lost his job due to the callousness of bureaucrats, he would not spare them, the BJP spokesman said this showed that the ruling party had conceded defeat much before the state assembly polls due in early 2017.


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