Had the Bhopal gas victims not taken to the streets following the neglect and insult faced by them, the nation as well as the world would not have even known that nearly 27 years have passed since the world’s biggest industrial-tragedy-hit Bhopal. Ironically, the victims of the tragedy are still running from pillar to post. There could not have been an inappropriate juncture for the surfacing of the fact that Dow Chemicals and its subsidiary Union Carbide have outrightly snubbed loosening its persuasion to dole out the hiked compensation for the victims. The move has come as an insult to 27-year-long injury nursed by the victims and their kith and kin. It is a chagrin that owing to dysfunctional government and lackadaisical judicial procedure, a multinational company which caused colossal loss to lakhs and thousands of people could walk off by producing meagre compensatory amounts. The Company not only refuses to claim responsibility but is also backing off with a great sense of insensitivity. The Union Carbide and Dow Chemicals’ disdain attempt to doff the Bhopal gas victims is a disgrace to the Indian government. The disdain here is the 27-year-old navelgazer attitude of the Centre which is likely to prevail in the future too. Ostensibly, this dysfunctional and puerile stand by the government has spurred the Union Carbide and Dow Chemicals to act awry. The world at large disapproves Dow Chemicals’ association with the London Olympics and is drubbing on keeping the Company away from the games. But when it comes to the government of India, the tape turns mute as they have nothing to voice their concern over it. The Central government is showing reluctance to act upon as Dow Chemicals is a foreign multinational company. But the truth is, it is capable of changing its stance from wilful delays to forcing the Company to pay the required compensation. Clearly, the government lacks the political will-power required to enforce righteous norms.

After the wave of fury, which erupted across the world a few years ago, over the lenient punishment meted out to those accused of world’s biggest industrial disaster, the Central government assured of justice to the victims of the tragedy which is yet to fructify. Apparently, the long wait must have compelled the gas victims to take to the streets and launch rail roko agitation. If the Indian government holds even a little mien of responsibility, it should affirm that the gas tragedy victims get the required aid failing which it should be made mandatory for the government to fulfill its commitment towards the aggrieved. It is a known fact that the Bhopal gas victims have been fighting for compensation and justice for the past two and a half decades and the cumbersome attitude of the government may prove to be fatal to the expectations of the Bhopal gas tragedy.