London: Here comes a man to spiritual rescue of Lindsay Lohan. Actor John Travolta has introduced troubled actress Lindsay Lohan to scientology, a religious system based on seeking of self-knowledge and spiritual fulfillment, in a bid to get her life back on track

A devout follower himself, Travolta suggested that Lohan should give the religion a shot in the hope to settle her career and troubled life.

“Even though producers were hesitant to hire Lindsay because of her troubled past, Travolta assured them he'd take her under his wing. He feels confident he'll be able to keep her on the straight and narrow now and forever” said a source.

Lohan has reportedly promised Travolta that she will attend a Church of Scientology induction course.

“John introduced Lindsay to one of the church's top counsellors and even though she's been cast in a new role and won't play the star's daughter in the flick she's assured him that she'll still attend the series of induction classes that will make her a scientologist” the source added.