Gwalior: To voice their concern about thousand acres of tribal land being embezzled in Morena and Sheoupur districts of Madhya Pradesh, more than 600 tribals demonstrated in front of the Commissioner’s office along with a number of activists from Ekta Parishad, an NGO struggling for land reforms in India.   

To reinforce the rights of tribals on their lands, Ekta Parishad demanded that the tribals should get their lands back. Not expecting such a turn of events, the officers were taken aback at the mass gathering of tribals and they had a tough time in dispersing the huge crowd.

The demonstration was led by head of the Ekta Parishad, PV Rajgopalan.  He said that government allotted land to the tribals had been captured by the musclemen in nexus with government machinery and when the tribals raise their voice, no one pays heed to it. Thousands of tribals in Morena and Sheopur districts, including the Sahariya tribe, are forced to starve. 

“When they demand for their rights, they are shooed away. Many cases have come up in Sheopur district which show that officials from top to bottom are involved with the land mafias,” Rajagopland added.

The Commissioner, Chambal region, AK Shivhare, took account of the tribals’ demands and assured them that action will be taken in this regard.

Meanwhile, the tribals have decided to carry out a mass agitation in Morena if their demands are not met within one or two months.