Addressing a party rally at Nagrakata in Jalpaiguri district, Rahul alleged that central funds sent to the state did not reach the beneficiaries.

"Bengal has contributed largely for the country but unfortunately it has not progressed as desired. Earlier there was a Communist government here, communism failed in Russia, changed in China and fortunately also in Bengal,” said Rahul.

“People had hoped the new government will work for development, for education, for creating jobs and employment, but unfortunately the Trinamool government has done the same thing for which it fought against the communist,” he added.

Criticizing the lack of infrastructure in the region, the Congress MP said his party was making efforts to ensure the money sent for the welfare of the common man reaches the ultimate beneficiaries.

"We provide crores of rupees to the Bengal government. It's your money and not for the MPs and MLAs here. But unfortunately this money reaches Kolkata but not to the beneficiaries." We are making efforts to ensure that the money sent for roads is utilised and not pocketed by contractors and leaders," he said.

Commenting on the issue of women empowerment, the Gandhi scion said it was imperative for the country aspiring to be a superpower that its women are empowered and self sufficient.

He also said that his party aspires to work for the empowerment and welfare of tea gardens workers in the region.


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