New Delhi: Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday indicated that her party may support a resolution moved by any party, including BJP, against FDI in retail in Parliament and kept her options open on a front comprising regional parties and post poll ties with Congress.

Less than a week after withdrawing TMC's support, she slammed the UPA-II as government "of corruption, by corruption and for corruption" and said "money power, muscle power and mafia power" were running it.

Banerjee said the government could last another three to six months and the ruling coalition had "lost the moral and democratic right" to continue.

On the issue of the resolution against FDI in retail in Parliament, Banerjee was wary of Samajwadi Party when she said that her party would support a resolution that may be moved by it but appeared to seek a guarantee that it would not go back on the issue.

"Let's see. I will talk to them, whether they agree or not. If they agree it's OK. If they agree and tomorrow don't support, that should not be. They should take a stand whatever may come, then we will do it."

"All political parties will have to decide. They should have the numbers. Let us see .... If they (SP) are firm on the issue ... because they some time say yes, sometimes no, then we will support. .... But we will have to discuss this inside our party," Banerjee said in an apparent reference to SP ditching the party on the presidential election and FDI issue after initially backing it.

When pressed further whether she would support a resolution against FDI if moved by BJP, she said, "Otherwise, if any political party brings it, then we will decide".

Asked whether she did not trust Mulayam Singh Yadav, she said, "It's okay. They have their own political compulsions."

Asked whether TMC was consulted on FDI in retail and the decision was taken in the presence then Railway Minister Mukul Roy, she said "absolutely wrong. .... It is the Congress' intention to mislead the people."

She also claimed that there were "no missed calls" from the Prime Minister or anyone in the government.

Maintaining that she had "very good personal relations" with UPA Chairperson and Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Banerjee said that she told her to "save the allies and (see that) the alliance does not break."

On bringing down the UPA dispensation, she replied, "This government is very arrogant. I think all the political parties should decide. In Parliament it depends on numbers."

Asked about the possibility of formation of a Regional Federal Front, she said, "I will be happy to do it."

Banerjee said, "If the regional Chief Ministers can sit together for the future of the country, I will be very happy. That's the best for the country. India should run from different parts of the country....we have already decided on Federal Front. I think states should be more powerful."

She also targeted the government for "misusing" investigating agencies like CBI and Income Tax department for political ends and claimed that "the files of my MPs" were brought to Delhi to keep a tab on them.

The TMC chief also said that the Income Tax department was asked to "thoroughly investigate the assets" of her party.

To questions on whether she would join hands with regional parties or a "federal front", Banerjee said it could be a "good front" and asserted that states should be "more powerful". However, she said she could not predict what would happen tomorrow or the strategy to be adopted then.

She accused the Congress of leaving the alliance in West Bengal, saying "we are not dependent on them. They are dependent on us. In Bengal, I have not broken (the alliance), they have".

Banerjee did not appear to rule out a tie-up with Congress after the 2014 polls. Asked about it, she said, "I can't say about tomorrow's strategy. The party will have to decide. I can decide today's strategy."

When asked whether she was not ruling it out, she said, "I am fed up with them. I cannot give my individual opinion. I have party with me and I have to take them into confidence."


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