The West Bengal Chief Minister said, "Whoever will work for the peace of this country, I will be with them."

She, however, hinted that the onus is on the Congress, the biggest non-BJP party, to make the move for an alliance of 'secular' parties.

"Let them decide... Let them invite," Banerjee told a news channel when asked if she would join such an alliance formed by the Congress.

"But I can tell you that from myself there will be no problem. For the greater interest of the country, for the peaceful situation of the country, for the stability of the country... I will be with them," she said.

Banerjee had earlier attended a conference organised by the Congress to mark the 125th birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru which saw coming together of a number of non-NDA parties, including the Left.

BJP has emerged as a potent political force in West Bengal and Left parties today accused her of practicing "minority fundamentalism" which opened gate of the state to the saffron party.

In a veiled attack on BJP, Banerjee said somebody is trying to create communal tension in her state but her government will tackle it.

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