The prevailing power crisis across the country especially north India indicates that we still have a long way to go in becoming a superpower. Development without electricity is next to impossible but sadly almost the entire country is reeling under power crunch. No matter what excuses are made but the fact remains that the government has been a mute spectator to the problem for the last eight years. The problem certainly cannot be fixed overnight but eight years is a very long time for any government to overcome the crisis. Everyday new obstacles are being raised in the efforts of solving the power crisis. Lack of coal for thermal power plants is the biggest hurdle that the government is facing. No matter how strongly the coal and power ministries defend the lack of coal supply, the truth is there to see for all. However, the policy makers seem least perturbed.

Power crisis is slowly becoming rampant as no efforts are being made to boost production neither the existent power plants are being properly looked after. Many of the power plants have become obsolete due to which they are unable to perform to their optimum level. Unfortunately power wastage in the country is also very high. Despite several measures and promises made by the government power wastage does not seem to come under control. Electricity theft has now become a social evil. Several discrepancies in production and distribution of electricity have lead to this crisis. A strong will power needs to be shown if the government is really serious about solving the problem. Sadly no one is bothered to know why some state electricity boards are reeling under severe losses. To overcome the crisis the government has to start working on a war footing soon.