The acknowledgement of the Central government to Anna Hazare’s conditions and accepting the three points laid by the Gandhian for discussion in the Parliament is nothing but the tremendous triumph of the power of people of India.The common mass should feel indebted to their new hero Anna Hazare and salute the Gandhian. In fact, the common men should pat their own back because the restraint and discipline shown by them in their support to the anti-graft crusader are  exemplary.

The heavy influx of people on the streets pan-India shouting ‘Hail Anna’ slogans and their peaceful protest prove an example to all. Anna’s strong determination not only shook the country’s politics but also brought the anti-people stance adopted by the political circle to the fore. The political parties should feel ashamed of their inability to feel the pulse of the public and gauge their rising resentment against graft.

They should also realise that if the ways of politics are not transformed then their reputation will run the risk of getting defamed. They have been unveiled. They will have to go an extra mile to prove reality that they are working for the welfare of the mass. It is also high time for the political parties to know the actual meaning of public support and learn the right knack to garner the same.He is not a leader who banks on crowd being mobilized forcefully. Rather, a leader who has the capability to pull a crowd on his own without depending on any other source is real. The tremendous mass upsurge on Anna Hazare’s call is enough to unfold the blindfolded eyes of the political parties. Taking the shield of the Parliament will  not be easy any more for them as the public has seen enough of the tactics of the ruling as well as the Opposition parties to hide on pretext of the ‘supremacy of the Parliament’. 

Now that the ruling and the Opposition parties, in light of surrender, have decided to act in the interest of the public, it is required on Anna’s part to end his fast. Whatever Anna wanted to convey to the political parties through his fast, has been grasped well by them.

It is in the larger interest of the public to get a strong Lokpal Bill passed but only through proper Parliamentary proceedings. Undoubtedly, the Centre tried to play tricks not only with Anna and his team but also with the public and the Opposition, on this front, failed to execute its duty. The constitution al provisions should not be overlooked while formulating a law.

Besides, ending his fast, Anna should reconsider his decision to continue the agitation because the motive behind commencing the anti-graft movement is on the verge of fulfillment. Also, no one can refute the fact that the effect of any movement reaches crescendo generally fades away with passage of time. However, to continuie this kind of movement for a longer time is a difficult task.Anna, through his fast and anti-graft movement, has brewed up acute consciousness across the nation and compelled the political leadership to open their ears to public voice. He should be confident about the fact that these voices will echo in the political corridors and reach them for a long time to make it effective.