"It is particularly ironic that this is the very government which, when in Opposition, moved a no-confidence motion against the UPA on the very issue of Indo-US nuclear deal and now celebrates it.
"Then this is the very government which, when in Opposition, had tried to insist upon the stringent provisions of the nuclear liability law whose dilution they are now being pursuing," the MP from Thiruvananthapuram said.

"What we are celebrating is the triumph of everything the BJP opposed when they were in Opposition," he said.
On January 25, India and the US broke the seven-year-old logjam in operationalising their landmark civil nuclear deal, resolving hurdles pertaining to the liability of suppliers of nuclear reactors in the event of an accident and the tracking of fuel supplied by America.
While US companies had reservations over India's stringent liability law that puts the onus for any accident on suppliers, New Delhi had some disagreement over America's insistence on control in perpetuity over the nuclear fuel and equipment.

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