In an exhilarating victory speech, Modi said since he and most of the leaders from both BJP and Congress were born after India achieved Independence, he did not get a chance to die for the nation but now the time has come to live for the nation.

Modi said if 1.15 billion people pledge to work together for the nation then the country would become developed in no time.

“You guys trust me and I trust you. It’s the power of this trust which could fulfill all the dreams of the people of our country,” Modi said while addressing his first rally after winning the Lok Sabha election from here as well as Varanasi.

Modi said during the entire election campaign, he observed two incredibly peculiar events.

First, despite being only able to give 50 minutes to his home constituency Vadodara, the people of this seat made him victorious with a record margin of 5,70000 votes, which is a record for the biggest margin of victory in Lok Sabha elections.

Modi saluted the people of Vadodara for their unprecedented support and love, saying each and every person of this seat has worked like a Modi.

Secondly, Modi pointed out that it was also first time in the history of Indian elections that a candidate was not allowed to speak to the people of his constituency. “In Varanasi, I was not allowed to keep my words in front of the public as a candidate. Still my silence has been rewarded by the public of Varanasi with a comprehensive win,” Modi said describing both these events as ‘historic’.

Praising the people of Vadodara, Modi said they have shown the country how to vote in a democratic nation like India, urging the media and enlightened people of the country to use the example of Vadodara in future as a point of reference in shining light.

Modi said the people of Gujarat have created a record by giving all the 26 seats to the BJP.

Taking a cheeky dig at the Opposition, Modi said even if the BJP had won 25 out of 26 seats in Gujarat, their rivals would have still called it a failure.

Modi said that it is the first time that any single non-Congress party has achieved a clear majority on its own since Independence.

“Most of the times Congress government or Congress-ruled coalition has ruled in the country and whenever a non-Congress govt has been there, it has been in a coalition only,” Modi said.

“In India’s history, apart from Congress if any ‘single’ party has got clear majority without any external help then it is the BJP,” he added.

“BJP is the only party that has got success in single handedly decimating Congress and saving the nation from their clutches,” he further said.

Modi added that it is not the victory of the NDA but the public of the country has actually scored a triple century by giving them more than 300 plus seats, adding that the nation is not run by a single person but with the efforts of everyone combined.

“Public of the nation scored a triple century by giving NDA 300+ seats. I am indebted to the public of the country for this,” Modi said.

“Since the starting only I have been saying that the government is not of privileged people, but of the 1.15 billion strong people. Government does not belong to a single person, it belongs to the people from all corners of the country,” he added.

“For a government each and every person of the country is their own without any discrimination. Welfare of the people is the only dharma of a government,” he further said.

Modi also revealed that he has become the Chief Minister of Gujarat for four times but never has he taken a single holiday which the rivals and the media too acknowledge.

He added nobody questions his hard work and serving the people is his prime duty since the public has chosen him for such a big responsibility.

“I am the labourer number one in the country. The country will not get a labourer like me. During the election campaign I showed the people how much hard work I am doing,” Modi said.

“Even my rivals don’t question my work ethics, not even media. They praise me for my hard work,” he added.

Modi said the spirit and motto of his party is ‘Sabka saath, sabka vikaas’ and they need the support of everyone to run a smooth government. He added that working for the people is in the DNA of BJP.

Modi is most likely to be sworn in as the Prime Minister of the country on May 21, according to sources.


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