Chennai: It seems that all is not well in Dhanush and Aishwarya paradise. If grapevines are to be believed differences cropped up between them over Dhanush closeness to his ‘3’ co star Shruti Hassan. According to a daily, the relationship between Aishwarya and Dhanush is going through a rough patch owing to the proximity between Shruti and Dhanush and it left Aishwarya angry. The couple is not sharing good relationship presently.

Their distance was evident at public events also. Dhanush avoided his wife Aishwarya at various events.
"Numerous instances in the public forum over the last few weeks have lent credence to the fact that there are issues between the couple. Dhanush, Shruti and Anirudh were on a radio show chatting away happily but the minute Aishwaryaa joined them, Dhanush feigned a headache and walked off the show." a daily quoted a source as saying.

Even at the premiere of ‘3’ the discomfort between Dhanush, Aishwarya and Shruti was very apparent. An eyewitness reported while Dhanush came in first followed by Shruti, Aishwarya joined in later. Even when the team stood for pictures, the two ladies looked in opposite directions.