New Delhi: The environmental debates triggered all over the world in wake of the shocking Fukushima nuke tragedy in Japan and Marcoule nuclear plant accident in France on Monday have further added to the controversy related to Jaitapur nuclear plant in Maharashtra.

The country's largest nuclear plant proposed at Jaitapur in collaboration with French company Areva is again in deep waters due to its involvement in the French nuke accident.

Reacting over Marcoule accident that claimed one life, environment organisation Greenpeace has drawn attention to the persisting nuclear dangers. Along the lines of Germany’s initiative, it advised all the governments to make efforts in closing these plants.

The ongoing debates have encouraged the forces protesting the closure of the Jaitapur plant of 10,000 MW capacity.

Moreover, former Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh was also in favour of the amendments in the Jaitapur project.

The government introduced a Bill in Monsoon Session of the Parliament to set up a new Safety Authority to secure operation of the nuclear establishments in India. The authority to be constituted under the leadership of Prime Minister will set up new standards to ensure environmental and health concerns.