The study, titled 'An overview of the Trucking sector in India: Significance and structure', also put emphasis on various other measures to be taken to improve the safety and efficiency of this sector, which, according to the study, is marred by various problems, including corruption.

Stressing on the safety aspect, the study claimed that Indian roads kill more people every year than any other country.

"Indian roads kill the maximum number of people globally, on a country-wise comparison. Road engineering, signals, driver training and licensing, driving practices and vehicle maintenance need significant attention. Post-accident support is also critical to minimize loss of life and limb," the study said.

"While the government is trying to arm itself with a new Transport and Safety Bill, a lot can happen even without it by focused action at the grassroots. Truck-based video cameras and black box should be considered for better analysis of the causes of accidents," it cited.

Citing international studies related to road safety, the study cautions the government from planting trees near the highways, which may actually cause accidents.

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