The Truecaller app will be available on the Nokia apps store for all devices in the Nokia X series.
"Given Nokia's reach in the emerging and mass markets, our collaboration will help in further expanding the reach of our application in these markets," Truecaller co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Nami Zarringhalam said.
Truecaller, which has a global userbase of 45 million, has about 25 million users in India, he added.      

"Our recent product enhancements, rising user base in emerging markets especially India makes it the right time for us to expand our product availability to newer platforms," Zarringhalam said.
The firm claims to add about 900,000 users every week globally, while in India its users are expanding at a rate of 500,000 per week, he added.
"Our users make over 600 million phone searches every month," he said.
Nokia X series users will have access to all the features of Truecaller's 4.0 version which includes caller ID, name search and call blocking functionality, Zarringhalam said.
Truecaller 4.0 is the latest update on the app which provides the customary caller ID and call block feature, coupled with integrated functionality using Twitter.
This will help users to see if a number is connected with a Twitter account and have the ability to tweet or follow a person directly through the Truecaller app, he added.
"With Truecaller, you are able to control how your contact information is shared and how others can contact you. This is done by guarding your most personal accessory (your mobile phone) and eliminating the annoyance of unwanted calls, while making it easier for people you want to hear from to find you," Zarringhalam said.