"It's a great addition to the league to ensure that the excitement remains till the end of the tie," said Gopichand at the unveiling ceremony of the logo and team colours of the city's PBL franchise, Mumbai Rockets, here.
Gopichand explained how the trump match concept will add to the overall excitement of the six-team PBL that has been revived after a gap of one year and is set to conclude on January 17 with the finals in Delhi.
"Each team has to nominate a trump match from among five matches. Teams have to finalise their line-up one and a half hours before the tie. At that time they have to mention which will be their trump match," said the national team coach.
"The winner of the trump match gains one extra point and the loser (who nominated it as its trump match) will lose one point. Two teams can nominate the same match as trump match. This ensures that the last two matches are also important in a tie.
"Even a 3-0 lead is not sufficient to win as you still can lose the tie. Spectators' interest will be kept alive. It needs to be seen how the players react to the extra pressure. Some play better under pressure and some others crack," he said.

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