The refusal of Danish High Court to extradite the key conspirator of Purulia arms case, Kim Davy, has struck a severe blow to the government of India. With this decision, the hope to reach to the roots of this mysterious case seems to be fading into oblivion. However, refusing to accept Danish court’s order as final say in the case, the Central Bureau of Investigation is contemplating upon getting in touch with the country’s Law Ministry through diplomatic channels and appeal in Denmark’s Supreme Court. This brings into open the fact that so far Indian government has not utilised its diplomatic tactics in this case. Will anyone specify why sufficient efforts were not made, especially when the CBI’s negligence in the case has come to the fore? Is the government not aware how, some time back, the CBI officials made a fool of themselves by reaching Denmark with an old warrant? This goof-up had hurt the country’s image as well. Strangely, why the premier investigating agency of our country fail to have an inkling that Kim Davy might try to avoid the extradition citing bad condition of jails in India as a reason? The government may still be claiming that the extradition of Kim Davy is not a forgone thought, but its conduct does not justify the claims. The unnecessary delay in Kim Davy’s extradition and the half-hearted attempt by the CBI only confirms the Indian government’s lack of interest to unearth the Purulia arms case.

This case of arms dropping in Purulia can in no way be termed as normal or ordinary. The way hundreds of weapons were dropped in Purulia district in December 1995 from an air-plane, it seemed as if it was meant to carry out destruction pan-India. The dropped weapons included AK-47 rifles, pistols, anti-tank grenades and rocket launcher. For some unknown reasons, such a serious matter has been taken in a lighter vein since very beginning. Strangely, the lax attitude of the government still continues. It seems that it is in no hurry to ascertain the truth behind the arms drop case. If this is not so then how can CBI explain its inactiveness in the case, especially when the investigating body sprang into action only after six long months of Davy’s arrest in Denmark? The country should also be informed as to why others’ held in this case were rereleased much before their sentences were over. In this case, five Latvians and one British national were sentenced to life imprisonment in 2000. But later on they were granted amnesty in the name of strengthening ties with these two countries. Recently, one of the released stated that the Purulia arms drop case was carried out at the behest of the then government of India. The truth behind the allegation is however remains  unknown, but the Indian government’s dilly-dally attitude does not show that it is impatient to know the truth behind the whole case. It is tough to comprehend why the Centre is taking the case, which is being considered as a conspiracy to wage a war against India, so lightly?