The Central government is highly mistaken if it is under the notion that it can put all the questions, arising out of the alleged bugging of the office of Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, to rest by keeping mum or by outrightly rejecting the whole sequence. The country has the right to know whether someone tried to spy on the Finance Minister or not? Refuting the spying episode makes no sense as it was the Finance Minister who himself had expressed doubts to the Prime Minister on the spying issue. Not only this, he even wrote a letter to the PM to secretly investigate the matter. Someone should explain why was the letter addressed to the Prime Minister and not the Home Minister? The unavailability of an answer to this question inevitably substantiates the doubts that there is a lack of trust between the Home Ministry and the Finance Ministry. The Home Ministry itself has provided the ground for such questions by revealing that one agency of the Finance Ministry spied on the other. According to the Home Ministry, it had allowed the phone tapping of the sister of the Chairman of Central Board of Direct Taxes at the request of the Ministry of Finance. The Finance Ministry’s efforts, to dismiss the case by terming it as imaginary and asking others not to waste time on it, is ludicrous. Rather, all these actions are making us believe that attempts are being made to overshadow the truth and dismiss the bugging episode. This effort will be wasted because the message of the growing lack of trust among those sitting at the higher echelons at the Centre has been conveyed to the country.

Whatever may be the reality, this entire episode is acutely embarrassing for the Centre. A lining of truth is visible in this case given the lack of coordination between the government departments as well as Ministries. This lack of synergy, which comes to surface now and then, shows that the Central government is divided into groups. This may be the reason for different opinions expressed by different Central Ministers on the same issue. The situation has come to such a pass that either the government evades taking decision on significant issues or it refuses to implement the decision if already taken. What can be more amazing than the fact that GoMs have been formed to wipe out the differences among the different Ministries? Therefore, it is not strange to note that all these differences and groupism have halted the ruling party’s operations. The Central government cannot pin the blame on others for its failure on almost all fronts. No matter how much the Centre emphasises on its team spirit, the strength of a team work is clearly lacking. Is this because the ruling government is divided into two power centres? This is the question on which the policy-makers of the UPA government need to introspect. This is almost certain that the existence of two power-centres will be denied but the truth is that the two centres are now clearly visible.