From unique home decor items to stylish accessories, here are 12 ways to repurpose denim:


Quilts: If quilting is your game, make an entire quilt by reusing old jeans. This can also be a fun crafting experience to share with your kids or make an heirloom quilt. There are tons of great examples of denim quilts (with free patterns) available on the internet.


3-Pocket Gadget Protector: Make a cool gadget protector with three separate pockets to protect delicate expensive gadgets, from your keys, pens and other stuff in your backpack or purse.



Denim Pocket Purse: This cool denim pocket purse is made from the hip pocket of a pair of jeans.


Denim Oven Mitt: Turn your old jeans into an oven mitt. Stuff thinner blue jeans with rice and sew for a great microwave-heating pad. Be careful not to use any metal pieces from the blue jeans and remove zips and metal buttons. These are great as ice packs too!



Coasters: Make these cool coasters by rolling them and gluing with fabric paint. Use fabric glue or hot glue to make spiral-shaped coasters from the seams of old jeans. Put a thick rubber band around the outer edge of the coaster while the glue cures. It will keep the spiral tightly rolled, and preserve the round edge.


Place Mats and Table Runners: Smaller strips of fabric left over from other project can be used to make mini quilts as place mats or table runners.


Handbags: The Internet is full of patterns for denim handbags that range from chic to hideous. Use good judgment. Cut the legs off the overalls and serge them or zig zag stitch them closed.


Rugs and Floor Mats: Denim quilts are very heavy and can also be easily used as area rugs. In addition to quilted floor mats, denim can also be used to create woven rugs, rag rugs, or braided rugs.


Floor Cushions, Poufs, and Pet Beds: Because denim is so tough, it's also a good fabric choice for floor cushions, poufs, and pet beds.

Organizer: Keep all your tools handy for your next crafting binge. Add a magnet to the back of an old jeans pocket and you have a perfect organizer for your refrigerator. It holds pens, pencils and small notepads. Use magnets that had self adhesive strips on them for attaching business cards.


House Slippers: To make your own pattern, trace around the soles of a pair of flip-flop sandals for a more custom fit.

Gift-wrapping: You can have fun with your kids while doing gift wrapping with denims. Firstly, you will need to cut the blue jeans and lay them flat on a hard surface. Wrap blue jean pieces around a gift box and secure with yarn in fun colors or glue to the gift box and decorate with embellishments. If you require longer or wider blue jean pieces for your gift-wrap box, another good tip is to hole punch the blue jean and stitch with yarn. You will love the idea of using them as tassels on gift wrap, or strung as festive garland.


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