London: Tulisia Contostavlos has found a novel way of avoiding another saucy sex tape scandal, by asking her best friend and personal assistant Gareth Varey to supervise her first four dates. The 23-year-old wants to ensure she is never betrayed again after it was alleged ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards leaked a video of her performing a sex act.The singer said Varey would sit in on her first four dates with any new man to sniff out love rats.

“Gareth doesn’t leave my side, he even supervises dates,” a leading daily quoted her as telling on a Radio 1 show.“If I started seeing a guy Gareth would be on the first four dates, we come as a package.“He doesn’t necessarily always get involved, he’s just always there.”

The singer is hoping that the vetting process would ensures she never dates another heartbreaker.She also assured fans she would never be embroiled in another seedy kiss-and-tell sex scandal.“I know for a fact this will never happen again,” she said.

The pop star also blasted Edwards, known as MC Ultra, accusing him of “violating” her and trying to profit from selling their sex tape to “ruin” her career. Tulisa is now dating ex-Skins actor Jack O’Connell, 21. The pair has made a pact to never discuss their relationship and the singer is even considering forcing future loves to sign a “boyfriend contract”.