Tunis (Agencies): Tunisian authorities said they had arrested an armed group, linked to ousted President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, responsible for a wave of violence.

This is for the first time that an official laid out a blueprint for how the country would hold democratic elections.

Weeks of protests forced Ben Ali last month to flee the country in a revolt which inspired uprisings in Egypt and other parts in the Arab world, but since then protests and rioting have raised doubts about whether stability can be restored.

Security officials in the coalition government have said there is a conspiracy by officials close to the old administration to spread chaos and take back power.

"Their arrest was conducted following their involvement in last week's painful and bloody events in the city of El Kef," the official TAP news agency said, referring to clashes in the northern town between police and protesters in which two people were killed.

The group is also suspected of involvement in suspicious activity, smuggling and corruption operations in cooperation with relatives of the ex-president, the agency said.

Security had seemed to be slowly returning to Tunisia after army reservists have been called up to help restore order in violence-hit areas.

Meanwhile, many of the Tunisians who celebrated Ben Ali's overthrow after 23 years of autocratic rule are now eager better life under the new system.

Iyadh Ben Achour, the head of a state commission for political reform, said that a presidential election within a maximum of six months (after Ben Ali's overthrow) is needed.

Tunisia will also host an international convention on its "political and economic transformation", its caretaker Prime Minister told German Chancellor Angela Merkel, according to her office.

During a telephone talk with Merkel, Mohammed Ghannouchi said the support of the European Union was "indispensable" for the success of his country's transformation following last month's revolt.