Tunis (Agencies): Tunisia's government moved to suspend the country's former ruling party as fresh violence left one youth dead in the country's south during protests against the remnants of the old regime.

In Tunis, the interior minister announced the suspension of ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's Constitutional Democratic Assembly (RCD) as a first move towards its dissolution.

Fahrat Rajhi said the long-feared RCD was suspended from all political activity and that its offices throughout the country would be shut down.

"With the aim of preserving the supreme interest of the nation and to avoid any violation of the law, the minister of the interior has decided to suspend all the activities of the RCD, to ban all meetings or gatherings organised by its members and to shut offices belonging to this party or managed by it," revealed the statement.

Three weeks after Ben Ali was ousted in a popular rebellion that has reverberated across the Arab world, Tunisia is still mired in turmoil.

Angry protesters have been calling for the removal of old-regime officials and warning against any attempt to hijack their revolution.

In the southern town of Kebili, one youth died overnight after he was attacked by a tear gas canister during clashes with security forces, state news agency TAP reported.

The agency informed security forces intervened after a gang of youths tried to attack and set fire to a national guard post outside the town.

"A youth died after he was hit in the head by a tear gas canister and several people were injured and hospitalised," the news agency added.

It said the youths then attacked another national guard post in the town before marching to the Governor's residence, prompting army troops to interfere.