"Seventeen targets of the separatist terrorists were hit with precision and neutralised in the Hakkari province on the border with Iran and Iraq”, the army said.
The strikes appeared to be in retaliation for a succession of attacks in Turkey yesterday that killed six members of the security forces, which were blamed on the PKK.
Ankara is pressing a two-pronged 'anti-terror' offensive against Islamic State (IS) jihadists and PKK militants following a wave of attacks in the country. But, so far, the  air strikes have overwhelmingly concentrated on the separatist Kurdish rebels.
Turkish war planes have for over two weeks bombed targets of the PKK in their strongholds in the remote mountains of northern Iraq as well as southeastern Turkey.
Yesterday, four Turkish police officers were killed in a roadside bombing in the southeastern Sirnak province while a Turkish soldier was killed in a rocket attack on a military helicopter.


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