It was flown to the capital Ankara, where according to Russia's RIA news agency it was met at an airfield by Moscow's ambassador and military attache.

The Russian embassy declined to comment and Turkish officials did not immediately disclose when the body would be repatriated to Russia.

The shooting down of the Russian fighter jet by NATO-member Turkey, the first known incident of its kind since the Cold War, has set back efforts to forge a united front against Islamic State in the weeks since militant group claimed responsibility for mass killings in Paris and blowing up a Russian airliner.

Since the downing of the plane, Moscow has ramped up air strikes against rebels in Syria near the Turkish border.

Turkey says it shot down Peshkov's plane in its air space after it ignored repeated warnings. Russia says it was flying over Syria and was struck unprovoked.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutgolu said yesterday that Peshkov's body had arrived in Turkey overnight, but gave no further details of how it was recovered or brought across the border.

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