Vice News condemned the charges as 'baseless' and an attempt to censor coverage, while leading rights groups have called for the immediate release of the reporters. The two British reporters and their translator, an Iraqi national, have been charged with 'engaging in terror activity' on behalf of the Islamic State extremist group, the court in Diyarbakir said.

The charges also include 'intentionally aiding an armed organization'. An Internet based channel  has named the two British journalists in a statement as Jake Hanrahan and Philip Pendlebury. They have now been taken to a jail in Diyarbakir ahead of an eventual trial. There were no further details on the evidence of their alleged links to IS jihadists.

They had earlier been questioned by prosecutors who decided to take the case to court. The four men, including the driver, had been held in police custody since their detention last week. Acting on a tip off, confiscated footage shot during their reporting. All have denied the accusations in the presence of their lawyers.



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