Istanbul: In what could be called a medical breakthrough, surgeons in Turkey claim to have carried out the world's first uterus transplant.

A team at Akdeniz University successfully performed the surgery on a 21-year-old student, Turkish news agency 'ANADOLU' reported.

Prof Israfil Kurtcephe, rector of the varsity, said: "A team headed by Associate Prof Omer Ozkan of the Reconstructive Plastic Surgery performed the transplant on a 21-year-old patient. The surgery was a success and the patient is recovering rapidly."

He added: "In September 2010, we performed the world's first double arm transplant. Now, we are getting ready for face transplant."

Surgeons consider uterus transplant especially difficult since uterus is a complex organ supplied by four blood vessels, which are very small by transplant standards, giving more scope for blood clotting.