London: Want to impress and seduce your date? A book by Leil Lowndes-‘How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You’ has all the necessary advices that you would want to seduce your partner.

The foremost formula that would make you win your partner is nothing but looking into his or her eyes and stay glued to a little longer than necessary. This is a good technique for men, as women always want to feel that a man is absolutely fascinated by them.

Smiling is another and the most effective way to win over your date. A soft smile would be most appropriate to seduce him or her.
For men, taking your date to an expensive restaurant with an elegant, upbeat, atmosphere would work tremendously as women tend to judge a man on the first place he takes them.

Dressing also plays a crucial role. Men must be coordinated and dress affluently, as women love good quality clothes on men. On the other hand women need to dress alluringly but not in a vulgar way.

While chatting with your date, let your eyes do some travelling - but only on safe ground at first- over his or her face, concentrating on their eyes.

To impress your date, you need to share his or her convictions and show that you feel them deeply. Watch his or her reactions to outside activities, then show the same emotions - shock, disgust, humour, compassion, etc.

The most valuable tip for men, whatever your date is discussing, simply ask her, "How do you feel about that?" Women love to talk about how they feel and will nearly always respond enthusiastically.

Another important technique for women, make sure you laugh at your quarry’s jokes and, when in a group, be the first to laugh. It brings you closer together

For men the ideal time to ask a woman for a date is when she has said something relevant to her personality. For example, if she says something spiritual, say that you’d love to hear more about that, perhaps over dinner.