Tripoli: A pro-Gaddafi TV channel confirmed the death of the toppled Libyan leader's youngest son, Khamis, who had been reported killed by National Transitional Council fighters late in August.

Arrai, a Damascus-based broadcaster that has become the favoured forum for Gaddafi and the remnants of his ousted regime, said late on Sunday that Khamis was killed on August 29 in Tarhuna, some 80 kilometres southwest of Tripoli while fighting "enemies of the homeland."

His cousin Mohammed, son of Kadhafi's close ally and intelligence chief Abdullah al-Senussi, was killed in the same incident, added the broadcaster.

It is the first time that pro-Gaddafi media has confirmed the death of Khamis, whose demise had been announced several times since Libya's conflict erupted but always denied by the ousted regime. The most recent official statement on his death came on August 29 when interim justice minister Mohammed al-Allagy said Khamis had been killed and buried in Tarhuna.

But that statement was denied by a pro-Gaddafi channel the next day.    Khamis, 28, commanded a brigade seen as the most effective and loyal force of the Libyan leader.