Here's what the stars have to say about Mother's Day:

Gunjan Utreja: I believe that every day should be Mother's Day because there is so much a mother does for her child that just one day is not enough to make her feel special and love her. Nevertheless, Mother's Day serves as a great opportunity to do a little something and make your mother feel important and tell her how grateful you are to have her in your life.

Delnaaz Irani: My mother is my world. Every day is Mother's Day for me, I don't need one day to make her feel special or acknowledge her love.

Divyanka Tripathi: We all love our mothers dearly but at the same time we all take our mothers for granted. We love them, respect them, care for them but in the day-to-day life we forget to acknowledge and appreciate her efforts and sacrifices. So, I think this is the perfect day when they need to be told how dearly we love them and owe our happiness to them.

Ssharad Malhotraa: Mother's Day is a day that is completely dedicated to that wonderful gift given by god to all the men that is a mother. It is a day when we can't thank them enough and shower them with lots of love and gifts too.

Rashami Desai:
My mother means the world to me. She is my inspiration and motivating force. She has brought me up perfectly and given me the value and ethics that I still proudly believe in and follow. She has sacrificed a lot to assure I get everything that I want in life as well as that makes me happy.

Arjun Bijlani: I love my mother a lot and she is very close to me. She is my back bone. She has done a lot for me and dedicating just one day to her seems too less. I feel each day is Mother's Day as we wouldn't be here, doing all the work that keeps us so busy, if she wouldn't have been there.

Jay Soni:
Her unconditional love and values have made me the person I'm today. I love her unconditionally and only one Mother's Day is not sufficient to express what she means to me.


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