New Delhi: Aiming at providing them exposure to democracy and its benefits, the Indian embassy in Kabul has sent a group of 20 children from Afghanistan who will also witness the Republic Day parade here on Thursday.

The embassy there has sent these 20 children to see India. They will see both ancient and modern structures such as the metro rail to get a feel of how democracy helps in development of a country, Army officials said here.

The group of these 20 children studying in classes from Standard 8th to 12th will also witness the other Republic Day functions including the Prime Minister's NCC Rally on Saturday and the Beating Retreat on Sunday.

The Afghan children arrived in the country on January 24 and will return on February 2 after paying a visit to the Taj Mahal in Agra. The group includes three girls.

India has been helping Afghanistan in its transition towards democracy and has spent over USD 2 billion for developmental projects there.

India has also been proving help to Kabul for evolving and strengthening the institutions of democracy. India had also helped giving suggestions for the electioneering process there.