Guna(MP): A case of conjoined twins has come to light in Madhya Pradeshes’ Guna district. Both the twins who are conjoined from the back are reported to be healthy. Now the doctors have an uphill task of separating them.

Shanti Bai wife of Gamir Singh Gurjar and a native of village Durauli gave birth to a twin at the district hospital of Guna through caesarean operation .Doctors attending upon her were surprised to know that the twins born to her were joined to each-other from the back. Both of them could neither take a turn nor could see each –other’s face.

Doctors to seek advice from surgeons from Indore

Civil Surgeon Dr. Y.S. Raghuvanshi who performed the surgery on the twins said that since operation was not an emergency, it would take some time. Though vital organs of the twins are separate from each –other, it has become pertinent for the doctors to conduct an MRI test on the baby in-order to find out whether veins in their brain are linked .So, local doctors are in touch with doctors at Indore where twins would undergo another test .Dr Raghuvanshi further said that surgeons of Indore would assist local doctors who would perform operation on the twins at Guna.

According to Dr. Raghuvanshi the operation would cost at-least Rs 1.5 lakh .District administration would bear the expenses of operation with prior approval of the district collector. However, date of performing operation has not been fixed by the doctors.


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