Hitting out at the lack of democracy within the party, Ilmi said she feels sad while announcing her decision to quit the party, which she believes did a lot to change the national political discourse.

Ilmi, who was one of the founding members of the party, made it clear that she would not be joining any other political party and added the AAP’s primary modus operandi of dharnas and demonstrations were not as effective tools as they were earlier and the people do not like them anymore.

She said she was befuddled by the fact that the much touted principles of ‘swaraj’ were not even being followed in the party itself.

“Feel sad in saying that I am resigning from AAP,” Ilmi said during her press conference on Saturday.

“AAP did a lot to change national political discourse, but it lacked inner party democracy. I find it amazing that we cannot follow principles of ‘swaraj’ in our own party,” she added.

“Dharnas and demonstrations were helpful earlier on but now they are not. People do not like it,” she further said.
Accusing AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal of constantly sidelining her within the party, Ilmi said the former Delhi chief minister had shot the messenger.

However, Ilmi said that she still has the greatest of respect for Kejriwal and the party volunteers who have toiled day and night to elevate the party’s stature in the national political scene.

“Arvind has shot the messenger. I was consistently sidelined in the party,” Ilmi said.

“I still have the greatest of respect for Arvind and the numerous volunteers. I will not be joining any other party,” she added.

Ilmi said she had time and again raised question marks over the ticket distribution in the party and over the roles given to different leaders but to no avail.

The former journalist added she hopes that her departure would knock some sense in the Aam Aadmi Party, which may introspect its shortcomings now.

Branding the AAP ‘hopeless’, Ilmi said she felt the party was not moving in the right direction.

“I raised questions on ticket distribution in the party (AAP) and the roles given to different leaders,” Ilmi said.

“I feel the party (AAP) is not moving in a good direction, I see no hope. I hope my departure makes them introspect,” she added.

Meanwhile, another prominent AAP leader Captain Gopinath, who is the founder of Air Deccan, also announced his resignation from the party earlier in the day.

Already dealing with a series of predicaments, the double blow comes for the Aam Aadmi Party at a time when its chief Kejriwal is behind bars for refusing to furnish a bond in a defamation case filed by former BJP president Nitin Gadkari.

After a stunning poll debut in the Delhi Assembly election last year, AAP’s political stature in the country have dwindled down to a great extent with the party managing to win just four seats in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections.

All the four seats that AAP won came from Punjab where the party put up a strong performance. However, the party failed to win even a single seat from Delhi in the general elections.

There have been several rumours suggesting the lack of democracy in the party with many also accusing Kejriwal and his trusted group of leaders of behaving in an anarchical manner.


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