Twitter is flooded with jokes on Tiger Shroff, son of actor Jackie Shroff, who is making debut with Heropanti. Some of the tweets that are selling like hot cakes are as follows.

Umaji Bhabal ‏@crick_ENGINEER 8m
#Tiger shroff is more looks alike Danny

Man mast magan ‏@iVishu_Gujju
After watching Tiger Shroff in Heropanti people will definitely say - Don't save Tigers.

Sunil ‏@akshaykanitkar  
Tiger Shroff's debut movie would premier on Animal Planet

@akshaykanitkar @Roflindian
Does it call "Debut Movie" or "Discovery" ? :D

Deepak MakhMali ‏@CrazyDeewana  
Tiger Shroff looks like he has waxed his facial hair and we can easily run a car over there.

Sini Ahuja ‏@SiniAhuja  
Tiger Shroff joins Rajinikanth and Alok Nath's league; inspires jokes and memes on social media: Tiger Shroff .

$$Jhunjhunwala/Magal ‏@jhunjhunwala  
Tiger Shroff is one Tiger people hope becomes extinct after 'Heropanti'.

The Bad Doctor ‏@doctoratlarge
Heropanti is Jackie Shroff's attempt to be a responsible citizen by contributing to Tiger conservation project

what a joke...!!! ‏@Spicyanshul  
Tiger shroff would be challenge for legend actors like Himesh , Tushar , Uday , Fardeen etc etc....

Rofl Indian ‏@Roflindian  
Tiger Shroff 's school name is P. T. Shroff. Panthera Tigris Shroff.

Rofl Indian ‏@Roflindian  
Maneka Gandhi has promised to help Tiger Shroff should he ever face any trouble in fife.

heerahee ‏@Heerahee  
If Life of Pie is re made in Bollywood, Tiger shroff will be doing the role of Richard Parker.

I sense an enimity growing between Jackie Shroff & Salman Khan. Former will not tolerate hunting endagered species.


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