New Delhi: Following Minister of State for Human Resource Development Shashi Tharoor's tweet proposing to name the anti-rape law by the victim's real name, twitteratis joined the debate expressing their opinions and views. While some people supported Tharoor's call, others claimed that naming anti-rape law behind the victim's name would not honour her.

Tharoor had on Tuesday tweeted – “Wondering what interest is served by continuing anonymity of  DelhGangRape victim. Why not name&honour her as a real person w/own identity?” Continuing his demand, the minister further tweeted - “Unless her parents object,she should be honoured&the revised anti-rape law named after her. She was a human being w/a name,not just a symbol.”

Here are some of the tweets

Some are misunderstanding Shashi Tharoor. He has shown utmost respect towards a girl who deserves it Why keep her anonymous – renowned lyricist Javed Akhtar tweeted.

Naming anti-rape law after her will be an honour. There is nothing wrong in Tharoor’s demand - Akriti Verma.

We should ignore Shashi Tharoor’s saying - Devjyot Ghoshala.

Law states that naming rape victim can put you behind bars. What about Shahi Tharoor – Rediff.

Dear Shashi Tharoor, what would be your views if the incident had taken place with your daughter – UF.

HT Channel enabled my tele communication with 'Nirbhay's father. He endorsed S Tharoor's idea of Law being named after his daughter! – Kiran Bedi.

Dear ShashiTharoor, you may want to name the anti-rape law against the Delhi gangrape victim, but try suggesting HOW the law can be imposed – Dimple M.
Dont change the topic now..First pass the respective laws and then do what you want - Madhav Pai.

I am totally against honoring the Delhi rape victim and naming the law after her real name. Why? Is she the only victim in India? - Abhilash Ruhela


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