Curator will make integrating tweets and other content into media organizations TV newscasts, programs, websites or mobile apps quicker and easier. This will make better sense of the barrage of data on Twitter's network in order to highlight the best content for their own readers and viewers.

According to TechCrunch, Curator offers a variety of filtering tools that let publishers and broadcasters create either simple or highly complex queries that can help them drill down on specific content or current trends.

Companies can find and filter these tweets by a range of factors, including keywords, authors, location, language, time zone, follower count, number of re-tweets or favorites, verified users and much more.

Curator has the ability to search through Twitter's video network Vine for relevant videos and it can pull up popular live-streamed Periscope videos by using the filters combined with the appropriate keyword.

Curator is a free product with no plans to include premium features or integrate advertising. It is more about helping impact Twitter's bottom line by helping the company's tweets be shown to a larger audience.