According to reports, the effort stands separate from Twitter's own app - insiders compare it to Vine; a separate but related product - but the interface will look familiar to anyone who's enabled two-factor authentication to log into a Twitter account.

Digits is part of Twitter's attempt at engaging more into product development, alongside a suite of mobile development tools called Fabric and a crash-tracking app called Crashlytics, the report said.

Twitter's VP of product for revenue Kevin Weil said as the platform grows, Twitter will not just be viewed as the consumer app, but as a a broader mobile services company.

Twitter also rolled out its new 'while you were away' service which recaps important tweets users may have missed since their last login.

Twitter released a new feature dubbed 'Recap' that allows users to catch up on Tweets missed while they were offline.

The new feature will highlight a selection of tweets users missed when offline.

The new feature includes what the micro blogging site thinks to be the best tweets to the top of a user's timeline the next time they open their Twitter account, reports said.