New York: Micro-blogging website Twitter is likely to issue Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) at the beginning of the next year to procure about USD 15 billion.

Twitter is used by millions of people across the globe. The market valuations of Twitter IPOs are expected to be much higher because of its good earnings in the past. According to a US based business and financial research company PrivCo, Twitter is planning to apply for permission to release IPOs in the last quarter of 2013.

PrivCo has informed about the Twitter IPOs on the basis of sources. A top executive of PrivCo said that Twitter will take lessons from fallout of Facebook IPOs. The pricing of Twitter IPOs is going to be very balanced. Through the IPOs, the company is eyeing on 15-fold increase in its earning.

In May last year, social networking site Facebook accumulated USD 16 billion through IPOs. Recently, Twitter has taken significant measures to increase its earnings. Now, Twitter allows promotional tweets, targets tweets for its advertisers. Apart from this, Twitter has made a partnership with photo sharing site Pinerest.

According to an estimate by PrivCo, Twitter’s earnings may touch USD 50 crore this year. Twitter’s earning is growing exponentially every year.  Twitter’s earning was USD 24.5 crore in 2012 in comparison to USD 8.75 crore in 2011.

A PrivCo executive says that Facebook did not issued IPOs at the time when its earnings had grown significantly. Currently, it is an appropriate time for Twitter to issue its IPOs in the markets.


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