Twitter made announcement in a blog post. With a new homepage, the users can now browse the complete catalog of public Tweets, Tweet themselves or engage with Tweets.

The changes has been made to target the many millions of people who visit the website every month who don’t log in.

The users will now find interesting topics to explore like Politics, Pop Artists and even Cute Animals. Once they click on the topic, they will see a timeline of Tweets from some of the most popular accounts in that topic. And it will be a  real-time content.

However, the company will introduce the new on desktop to U.S users first, and intend to bring it to more places over time.

Twitter had earlier launched a new feature, 're-tweet with comment', which allows users to add a tweet to their own tweets, which let users say more about the original message.

According to reports, this new feature will allow users to add 116 characters of additional commentary to the existing 140-character limit for a quoted tweet.

Previously, Twitter let users embedded quoted tweets by cutting-and-pasting its URL, but 'retweet and comment' lets you do that by just pressing a button.

Users, however, cannot embed the full re-tweet and comment.

The feature is now available on Twitter's site and iPhone app and will soon be available on its Android app.