London: Microblogging and social media site Twitter has announced plans to show 'tailor-made' adverts based on users' browsing patterns.

Twitter has reportedly said that the plans to have customized adverts are aimed at making advertisements more useful on the site by way of displaying promoted content from brands and businesses a user has shown interest in, a channel reports.

According to the report, Twitter said that users won't see more ads on the site but they may see better ones adding that the ad pilot is US-only and they don't have a timescale for roll-out more widely.

Technology experts said that this move will bring Twitter on the same lines as other social networking sites which focus upon on providing ads to the users based on their browsing patterns.

Twitter spokesman said that although the ads will be customized based on users' browsing information, their personal email addresses will be unreadable.

The report further said that Twitter has confirmed that it will not receive browser-related information from its ad partners for tailoring adverts if users have Do Not Track (DNT) technology enabled.


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