Not only political parties, common people flooded twitter with various reactions on ‘surge pricing’. Some favoured it while majority of them asked the government to revoke it.

Falling into the line of Rahul Gandhi’s tweet many people alleged that surge pricing decision of central government aims at ‘looting from the common man and give relief to his industrialist friends’.


According to the new system, the base fares of these trains will increase by 10 per cent with every 10 per cent of berths sold subject to a prescribed ceiling limit. This surge in prices is being compared with the air fares and people demonstrated data through charts and depicted the malicious effect of this hike when already prices of petrol and other commodities have already laid a hand on zenith of inflation.

But, some people have supported Indian Railways maneuver of rising prices. It may be called as the baby step to revive the Railway system of the country. Many trains are running in the losses especially the premium ones. So, to improve the infrastructure Railway needs to revive its prices. Railways have showed no sign of revival in last quarter. Therefore, Suresh Prabhu left with no choice to milk premium trains

Everyone is peeping through the lens of #surgepricing but with different perspective. For some, Rail fares came up ‘rude shock’ or for others it was a mere ‘step to revive railways’ in the country which is already reeling under the scourge of high prices ahead of the festive season.





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