Many Twitter users were upbeat after the Apex Court said the section was vague.

Chetan Bhagat tweeted: "Glad to know that I live in a free country. No section 66A as SC strikes it down. Super Happy. Go on, troll away."

Shashi Tharoor too posted on Twitter: "Glad the SC has struck down Sec 66A of the IT Act, which was liable to misuse; freedom must not be curbed."

A Supreme Court lawyer Manali Singhal said: "Now people are not going to be scared to exchange and put their views on internet freely."

"We are very happy, consequences are going to be very positive," Singhal added.

Petitioner in the case against Section 66A, Shreya Singhal cheered : "It is a big victory. Under section 66A of the IT Act you cannot be jailed anymore because it stands invalid."

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